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Questions you have about my artwork/accessories? Find the answers here, and if you have a question I haven't managed to answer here send me an email.


Artwork - Do you accept commissions?


I do accept commissions for paintings. If you are interested in commissioning me to paint something for you please bear these things in mind.

  • Please make yourself familiar with my work and my style, so that you know what to expect. I tend to work with steampunk/fantasy themes as well as mythology and fairy tale inspiration.

  • I work mostly from photo reference, so you will need to provide me with a good quality photo if you would like a portrait,.

  • I will need a good brief of what you have in mind, and deatils of anything specific you want me to incorporate.

  • PRICES: I generally work in acrylic on canvas, a size around 16x20 inches. Prices for this size would start at £300 and the total price would depend on how detailed the picture is to be. I would need a payment of 50% of the agreed total upfront before starting work and the rest plus any shipping costs on completion. Payment through paypal prefered.

  • I retain the copyright to all images, and also all printing and publishing rights. All clients will be kept confidential. If there are any deadlines, please let me know at least one month ahead of the date.

  • I reserve the right to refuse commissions at my discretion. If I feel that someone has asked me to paint something inapproppriate , or not within my style, for example.


Accessories - do you accept commissions?


I'm always happy to take on commissions for custom hats, headpieces or jewellery. I suggest you check out the galleries to get an idea of my style and what I can do and then drop me a line to discuss your thoughts.


Can I use your artwork?


My artwork can be purchased as digital tubes from Digital Art Heaven, and then used according to their conditions. 

I also have a ZAZZLE site, where you can buy my work on a range of products like T-shirts, mugs and posters etc.

 Apart from this though, I retain all copyright to my work and I ask that you please don't use my work without my permission.

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