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A selection of the one-of-a-kind JEWELLERY made by the punk faery artworks. Sally specialises in quirky one off pieces (some will be similar but NEVER the same!) with a strong vintage/steampunk influence.

Some of these pieces are already sold, check the ONLINE SHOP for availability. - just CLICK the CASH REGISTER!

Steampunk Clock Key Necklace

Steampunk clock key necklace with raw titanium quartz

Gothic Bird Skull Cameo Necklace

Dark gothic style Bird Skull Cameo Pendant

druzy choker

Boho style man made druzy choker

honey bee and citrine necklace

Gold and silver plated honeycomb necklace with bee and raw citrine

Steampunk Octopus and Quartz necklac

Octopus and raw titanium quartz steampunk necklace

steampunk bird skull necklace

Steampunk bird skull, clock key and cogs choker necklace

druzy ring

Man Made Druzy rings, silver or bronze with a range of colours

anatomical heart necklace

silver plated anatomical heart necklace

clock key necklace

Steampunk necklace made with vintage clock key and angel aura quartz.

mermaid scale ring

mermaid/dragon scale iridescent ring - available in bronze or silver plate.

antler and rough stone necklace

choker style necklace with antlers and rough gemstone.

crescent moon and star necklace

silver crescent moon and blue goldstone bead necklace.

raven gothic noir feather choker

feather choker with vintage silver metallic lace and pearl trim.

button and pearl earrings

earrings made from silver button charms and freshwater pearl

black feather steampunk choker

black feather choker with bronze filigree, chain and pearl drops.

zodiac constellation necklace

silver constellation necklace with diamante "stars"

silver rain cloud necklace

silver rain cloud necklace with labradorite

heart sterling silver necklace

sterling silver artisan heart necklace hand sculpted.

steampunk woodland antler choker

woodland jewellery silver antler necklace with labradorite

titanium quartz point

titanium quartz point and turkoman button tribal fusion style pendant

pearl necklace

free form pearl and freshwater pearl necklace

steampunk key necklace

steampunk pendant necklace made with a vintage key

steampunk keyhole necklace

steampunk necklace made from a vintage keyhole plate and blue goldstone bead.

steampunk fork necklaces

one of a kind steampunk style necklaces made from forks and semi precious gemstones.

steampunk mermaid necklaces

made with shells and steampunk cogs

steampunk earrings

made with bronze findings and labradorite

smoke and mirrors statement necklace

tribal fusion style necklace made with vintage buttons, coins and large labradorite bead

gypsy tribal fusion necklace

vintage coins, sodalite and silver plated findings.

meet me at the bazaar necklace

tribal fusion style necklace with vintage coins

twisted tea party spoon necklaces

bespoke hand stamped silver plated vintage spoon bowl necklaces

clockwork heartbeat steampunk

steampunk style necklace with cogs and gears, key, citrine and obsidian.

cleopatra tribal fusion necklace

bellydance inspired necklace made with lapis lazuli, brass findings and keys

steampunk mermaid necklace

made with shells and steampunk cogs.

catching flies steampunk necklace

gothic style necklace with cogs and a brass fly

mermaids treasure II necklace

tribal fusion necklace made with vintage coins, buttons and a shell pendant.

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